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Welcome back. Please fill in the form below to apply to join our community. Take your time. The more you say, the better.

The Facebook Group exists to invite people to participate in our charlas. If you can’t participate for an extended period but want to stay in the group, please contact me (use Messenger) because, after three months without coming to a charla or contributing to the group’s discussions, your membership will lapse. You can always rejoin though.

To apply to join our group, please complete this form

To get your Facebook ID, click on your name in the upper right of your Facebook home page. Copy the URL which will be something like

When you click the “Send the application” button you’ll be taken to the ¡Charlemos! Facebook group where you simply click the Join Group button, indicate you’ve filled in this form and, all being well, you’ll eventually be admitted and start receiving invitations to our charlas!

Any concerns or queries? Contact me on Messenger!

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