It looks like that was a bit tricky for you.

It’s probably best that you don’t join ¡Charlemos! at this stage as your time would be better spent working on your comprehension. You may need more vocabulary or just need to get more used to spoken Spanish.

So please come back after a few months and try again.

So what should you do next?

To improve your comprehension you need to be listening to material that is around your level of comprehension. It must not be too difficult!

YouTube is a great source of material of this type and my recommendations are:

Dreaming Spanish
Spanish After Hours
Español con Juan
and at a slightly more advanced level:
Español Automatico
Use Your Spanish.

¡Buena suerte! and do come back when you´re ready!

Rules for during our Charlas

1. I’ll be patient, kind and courteous
2. I realise that mistakes are OK
3. I won’t correct other speakers or do any teaching
4. I’ll share the time
5. I’ll respect people’s privacy
6. If I’m not participating I understand that I may be removed from the group
7. I’m over 18 years old
8. I’ll have my video on and all my attention will be focused on the conversation. I’ll not be on the move, multi-tasking or caring for children during the charla.